Shenanigans #4

4th in the series

Aww… friendship.


Shenanigans #3

3rd in the seriesEver notice at airports, when everyone rushes to get on the plane?  I’ve seen lines a football field long for overseas flights.  I usually spend that time at the bookstore or Chipotle.  Though there was one time I missed my flight for that very reason…


Shenanigans #2

2nd in the series

This comes from a person who flies coach.  A LOT.



Shenanigans #1

Shenanigans 1

It’s been a nice creative break, but I’ve missed doing these silly comics far too much.  This is the first of a 2nd 50-part series to hold you over as I prepare to start my next novel which should be completed by the end of summer 2014.


Otterbored Comic #50

So that wraps up my first series of comics, though definitely not my last.  If you like sci-fi books check out Void Star on amazon and my new upcoming novel Edge of Acaeus.  I look forward to starting series two.  Until then…


Otterbored Comic #49

This was born from watching way too much news.  I understand they need a constant feed of new info to relay to us watchers, but c’mon.  When you have a caller ringing into a show to talk about an opinion of an analyst on a show reporting on an idea they think they have about a politician…well, things get a little silly.  Why can’t they just say what’s happening and let us make our own opinion.


Otterbored Comic #48

Closing in on the 50th comic in the series.  When I hit my goal I’m going to take a break and concentrate more on my writing and making YouTube videos (more to follow on the videos).  This is mostly out of being reassigned to another base.  I’ll just be too busy to come up with strips and draw em up.  2 more to go.  I’ll try to make them the best.


Otterbored Comic #47

This one was born from watching what is happening across all entertainment platforms.  I used to believe a celebrity was a person who worked for several years with some kind of skill (acting, writing, some job skill) and was so good we celebrated them.  Not so much these days.  Hell, if your reading this, your probably a celebrity.  I need to start filiming my dog and get her on one of those stupid animal shows.  Then I’ll ride her fame to glory and riches.


Otterbored Comic #46

This was inspired by my sister-in-law Megan starting her own business (wildlifetraining.org).  She’s also a real life tree doctor so I thought it would be fun to do a silly take on what she does.  Meg, I know you don’t always have to amputate ;p


Otterbored Comic #45

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  Life’s been busy.  So this comic was born out of the frustration of being a non-extremist moderate.  I remember the days when both sides of the aisle came together.  Now it’s like you have to be this cookie cutter, defined party member. Both sides have the ability to set the course right.  Now if they could only pull their heads out of their…